Answers to the the most frequently asked questions about KETHI

What is the Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI) ?

The Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI) is a Legal Entity under Private Law of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (General Government Body), which was founded in 1994, supervised by the General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality and is governed by a five-member Administrative Board.

Is combating gender-based violence and helping survivors KETHI’s exclusive subject?

KETHI is activated in many thematic fields related to gender equality (employment/entrepreneurship, decision making, etc) and not just in gender-based violence.
Having as a priority the promotion of gender equality, KETHI:

  • Designs, implements and evaluates national and European action plans.
  • Conducts researches and carries out studies about gender equality, which are available to those who are interested in.
  • Publishes useful informative material (printed, electronic and audiovisual) for the general public.
  • Raises awareness, educates and offers training for individuals, groups, institutions and organizations on issues regarding women’s rights, gender equality and gender discriminations.
  • Supports networking and collaboration of institutions that promote equal opportunities  for women and men in social, economic and professional life.
  • Cooperates with international, European and National organizations and bodies dealing with the same or similar issues, aiming at mutual knowledge and information exchange.
  • Transfers know-how and experience on women’s and vulnerable social groups counseling.
  • Organizes lectures, meetings and conferences aiming at raising awareness.

What exaclty are the Counseling Centers? Can I ask for advice, in case of gender-based violence?

KETHI’s 14 Counseling Centers provide information and counseling services to women subjected to gender-based violence and/or multiple discrimination. The services are covered by confidentiality and are free of charge.

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I am victim of gender-based violence and I want to report it. Can I report it to KETHI?

KETHI is not authorized to accept official complaints, but through our Counseling Centers we provide legal information and counseling services to women, regarding the legal framework, the required procedures for filing a lawsuit, complaint, etc. At the same time, our Counseling Centers work with other services for women’s referrals (e.g, shelters, police and prosecutor's offices, health facilities, etc.)

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Does KETHI just publish existing researches or does it conduct their own?

KETHI conducts primary researches and, based on their results, develops policy proposals and actions that promote gender equality.

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What are KETHI's topics?

KETHI works on many fields, regarding gender equality in all sectors. Some of them are work-life balance, decision making centers, etc.

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