Counseling Centers

KETHI operates 14 Counseling Centers for women suffering from violence or/and multiple discriminations in Greece's administrative regions capitals. Those Centers, along with 28 more Counseling Centers, are part of the General Secretariat's for Family Policy and Gender Equality network, operating across the country to tackle gender-based violence.

The Counseling Centers provide free of charge counseling services by specialized personnel (reception desk counsellor, psychologist, social worker, legal advisor). These services (covered by confidentiality) are:

  • specialized information for gender equality and gender based-violence issues
  • psychological and social counseling (gender sensitive approach)
  • employment counseling
  • legal counseling  (e.g. information on women's rights, relevant laws, procedures for filing a lawsuit, complaint, etc.)
  • cooperation with other services and referral of women to shelters, to the police and prosecutor's office, to the courts, to the hospitals, to employment agencies, etc.

The GSFPGE’s network, includes also the following support structures:

Τhe 15900 SOS helpline, a nationwide telephone line for women experiencing gender-based violence, operating on a 24/7, as well as, 20 shelters that offer safe accommodation to women suffering from violence and their children.

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